„Knowledge is power” Business Opportunities in Romania

Investment Ideas In Romania – We are a team of professionals and we’re offering advisory the entire process of selling-buying turnkey businesses in Romania.

Distinguished Partners,

My name is Ion Tudor and I’m a Romanian consultant with 15 years experience in the forestry sector, 20 years experience in the agricultural investments sector, 25 years experience in the real estate investments sector and various turnkey businesses for sale in Romania.

The main idea is for us to propose to you different businesses for sale, and the group from which you’re a part of to further promote these assets, to come up with investors interested in buying in Romania.

Investments in Romanian Businesses, Turnkey

  1. Farms in Romania, 90000 hectares, in various locations; Destination: agriculture, ecological agriculture, livestock farms, logistic centre, industry;
  2. Viticulture Farms;
  3. Pomiculture Farms;
  4. Vegetable Farms;
  5. Tourism : hotels, balneo-climatic turnkey resort;
  6. Industry;
  7. Energy;

Farm For Sale – Agricultural Land For Sale – Turnkey Business!

Agricultural farm for sale – We have the connection with the owners of all agricultural businesses in Romania who work at least 1000 hectares of agricultural land.

Investments In Romania
Farms For Sale Romania

Location: Anywhere in Romania

At this moment we have for sale over 90,000 hectares of agricultural land / agricultural farms located in various locations, minimum 500 HA / agricultural business.

There are businessmen who have activities related to the agricultural or agro-zootechnical segment, depending on the negotiations and the interest of the buyer, we can start discussions on the transfer of all businesses or the sale-purchase of assets in various economic fields.

Basically it is not a simple transfer of shares or sale-purchase of assets, a turnkey business is bought – suppliers of raw materials, production, distribution, buyers of finished products. That is, added value to the strictly agricultural segment.

In order for us to organize in optimal conditions the viewing of the lands we have for sale in Romania, please answer the following questions:


– are you the direct buyer or are you representing a buyer (a company, an investment fund, etc.)

– have you bought so far other properties in Romania?

– what surfaces have you viewed in the previous months and what surfaces do you intend to view

2. Please let us know:

– the total agricultural lands surface that you intend to buy in Romania

– the minimum surface in a single location

– the minimum consolidation degree/location

I can present you tailored offers as long as you’ll send me a concrete request and the allocated budget.

Also, please retain that we have the direct connection with the sellers, and the selling prices that we’ll communicate to you are the sellers’ asked prices.

The negotiations will be directly between the seller, the buyer and us as an Investments Consultant.

Please access my site where you’ll find various offers and surfaces; and we also have additional offers which are not presented on the site.

During the next period of about 5 years, the prices for Romanian agricultural lands will probably increase to 15.000-30.000 euro/ha. Are you interested in buying agricultural lands as an investment (which you will later sell for a profit) or are you interested in working the lands yourself as soon as you buy them?

The agricultural lands for investment with a consolidation degree of 30-50% have a selling price of about 6.500 – 8500 euro/ha, and these lands have a clear legal situation, with land registry books.

The agricultural lands with a consolidation degree of 85 – 100 % have a selling price of 8.000 – 20.000 euro/ha; and these lands have a clear legal situation, with land registry books.

I’ve made you a brief summary, please send me the answers to the above questions and a short presentation of you as a buyer or of the final buyer, and also please indicate what exactly are you interested in buying in Romania (location, surface, consolidation degree etc).

We sell lands for photovoltaic parks

We sell lands for photovoltaic parks

We also offer land that is suitable for setting up walnut and hazelnut orchards

We have a specialized team for land preparation, planting walnut / hazelnut seedlings from our own nursery, drip irrigation system, etc.

best investment in Romania

business investment in Romania

We offer to the professionals for purchase also wine farms, with or without winery, classic or ecological farms, registered brands.

Offers for sale – turnkey business – agricultural land, viticultural land, land for fruit growing, land for vegetable growing, agricultural farms, livestock farms, agro-zootechnical farms, wine farms, fruit farms, etc.- are directly from the owners.

The displayed prices are of the sellers, being negotiable directly seller-buyer, giving you consultancy in this regard as well.

Forests – Exploitable forest and forests for hunting

Romania is a country with a high biodiversity and with a high percentage of natural, intact ecosystems. Herein lies the largest area of natural forest in Europe and its territory has numerous bird migration corridors. The high level of ecosystem diversity and the geographical location reflects the rich diversity of flora and fauna, represented by over 3500 species of plants and more than 30,000 species of animals.

The natural integrity of the forest ecosystems is also indicated by the presence of a complete range of European forest fauna. Species that have been extinct for a long time in other parts of Europe can be found in the hunting lands in Romania, in viable and valuable populations.

Hunting lands with a minimum size of 5.000 ha in the plains, 7.000 ha in the hills and 10.000 ha in the mountains, are often grouped in hunting complexes with large surfaces, for an integrated and sustainable management of the species with a hunting interest.

Forest Fund


"Investments In Romania"
Investment In Romania

The total area of the national forest fund

– 6.570.000 ha from which public state property 

– 3.230.000 ha from which private property 

– 3.340.000 ha

Do you want to invest in forests and / or hunting funds in Romania?

I am waiting for a concrete offer request and the budget allocated to the investment.

  Investments in Romanian Start-ups, Joint Ventures

Start-up with or without equity capital !

  1. Hollow Glass Factory ; Pyrolisys & Solvolisys & Nano-Rafinery;
  2. CNG distribution network
  3. Cogeneration Plants;
  4. Bio Energy;
  5. Constanta Port Cereal Terminal;
  6. Solar Energy Projects; Wind Energy Projects; Hydropower Projects;
  7. Energy export infrastructure;
  8. Mining and Quarrying;
  9. Agriculture; Irrigation water distribution network;
  10. Different Projects Tourism.

My partners in Romania are looking for an Associate / Investor to open together a new legal entity of a Joint Venture type.

Estimated cost of investments for integrated Joint Venture projects : 18,00 billion euros.

In case you have a allocated investment budget, do not hesitate to contact me.

Bio Energy

Integrated P.B.E produces Bio-Fuel, Green-energy, Bio-vegetables, CO2, Bio-fertilizer and beef from corn as input material. The patented technology does not only have a positive impact on nature and economy but it creates also a sustainable value to the society and country.

The value of the investment is 160,000,000 Euro.

Energy – Cogeneration Projects

 The project consists of a high efficiency cogeneration facility based on gas generator with a hourly production of 100MW electricity and 50MW heat (thermal energy).

Building a high efficiency cogeneration power plant in this area is a unique business opportunity as follows:

  • Establishment the most productive energy production capacity, positive impact for the population (low prices) and very ecological;
  • Establishment of a cogeneration facility qualifying for support scheme access – for every delivered MW/h electric you can get a financial bonus from the state, guaranteed by electric market mechanisms ;
  • The existance of a big consumer of thermal energy, interested in aquisition for the entire quantity of produced thermal energy;
  • Cover the official electricity defficit in that area.

The value of the investment is 115,000,000 Euro/cogeneration plant.

Total: 20 cogeneration plants x 115,000,000 Euro = 2,300,000,000 Euro.

Pyrolisys & Solvolisys & Nano-Rafinery 

After years of study we finaly reach the viable solution for a refinery complex which will be able to recycle at a good rate the rubber waiste, petroleum landfills and biomass debris. 

Petroleum residues affect large regions near old refineries, contaminating groundwaters and poisoning cropfields.

At this moment, we found solutions not just to remove this problems but also to produce fuels, heat and electrical energy from the process.

The value of the investment is 70,000,000 Euro.


During the in recent years we have observed an increase in demand for hollow glass packaging and a decrease of production capacities in Europe, and a trend of renunciation to the of aluminum or polyethylene packaging.

The demand for hollow glass packaging is has grown with the increasing demand for drinks bottled in this way (mineral water, beer, etc.) and procesed food packaged in jars.

Our missionis to become a reliable partner for glass packaging customers.

Our visionis focused on implementing the latest technologies to obtain a superior qualityinterms offast-paced production with minimal impacton the environment and to develop a social dimension of our presence in local community.

Our statement  is: through research and high grade technology to performance in glass industry, with social and environment responsibility.

The value of the investment is 100,000,000 Euro.

Project Financing – Financing  Procedure

We also have clients on our end who want funding for project implementation or business development – We’re interested in developing a agreement with you in order to provide our clients with the type of financing that they’re requesting from us. I’d like to mention that we have several types of clients, so please send over your financing procedure (terms, conditions, stages, costs etc). We need this procedure so that we can send it over to our potential clients.

Balneo-climatic turnkey resort, pearl of spa resorts in Romania; more than 30 hydromineral sources, hotels, villas, treatment bases, hotel under construction 5 * + new treatment base 4000 procedures / day, 70 hectares forest for the protection of hydro-mineral sources, etc.

Hotel for Business, 4*+, international franchise, international brand; the hotel is in the state of complete renovation. Located ultra-centrally in a transit city with a population of over 120000 inhabitants. The hotel has 107 rooms, the last floor reserved for penthouse apartments, restaurant saloon and various events – 500 seats, conference rooms, cafes, etc.

Hotel 3* for the summer season_Mamaia Resort_Romania; situated at the center of Mamaia resort, 25 m away from the beach, with total exposure towards the East.

Stotal  (Sbuilt + Sdeveloped ) =  11890.00 sq.m.

I’ve made you a brief summary, please send me the answers to the above questions and a short presentation of you as a buyer or of the final buyer, and also please indicate what exactly are you interested in buying in Romania (location, surface, consolidation degree etc).

If you wish to implement a business idea or if you wish to develop an already existing business, we have the managerial capacity to design and implement complete, coherent and credible projects, and also offer you viable alternatives.

Based on a consulting contract, respectively a mandate contract, we are your Partner throughout the entire process of implementing and developing your business, providing you in the end with a truly turnkey business.

We’ve prepared this summary for you to understand that we are a reliable business partner and, in response, we expect for you to list economic areas in which we can cooperate for our mutual benefit and hence the economy of Romania.

Also, please retain that we have the direct connection with the sellers, and the selling prices that we’ll communicate to you are the sellers’ asked prices.

For any other details please don’t hesitate to contact me, it will be my pleasure answering you.

Thanks for visiting !

Ion Tudor – Investments Consultant

Mobile: +40 734.845.159



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