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Investments in Romania in the tourism space: winter-summer holiday resort, with ski domain, golf academy, hotels with various therapeutic and health related facilities etc.

In the end, the private investment in this holiday resort will be of a minimum value of 200 million EUR, Investments In Romania – Investment In Romania, plus investments made by the local authorities.

Our client for whom we have performed – Investment In Romania – a very complex study “Greenfield Mountain destination – preliminary development concept adjustment / Main hotel prefeasibility study” has expressed interest to attract international partners for the project.

This is a one of a kind opportunity in Romania, Investments In Romania – Investment In Romania, happening with minimal dependence on local authorities.

Please consider the following factsheet about this opportunity:

LOCATION/LAND INFO: Investment In Romania :

  • 140 km away from Bucharest;
  • Investments In Romania – Altitude of the land: ~1400;
  • 130 ha of land on an alpine meadow (above the forest line) acquired piece by piece during the last ~ten years;
  • Land statute: urban (by new PUG that is in final approval stages); Investments In Romania – Investment In Romania;
  • Relationship with authorities: Memorandum of cooperation with the local authorities (responsible for access road, 2 slopes and lift); Investment In Romania;
  • Design stage: Development concept done by architect followed by our adjustment work that determined the optimal first stage of the project and the detailed architectural requirements for the two main destination hotels (~500 keys).

Current access:
by forest road that splits from the main national road: Investments In Romania – Investment In Romania, although local authorities agree to try to obtain government funds to modernize it, we recommended that the private side should do it to avoid unnecessary waste of time (estimated cost EUR 4.8 mn.) for 8.756km of road on 5.37ha of land (4.21ha of asphalt runway)

Energy: Electrica Distributie Muntenia Nord S.A. has allowed the construction of the electrical connection facility (done). The constructed facility is sized to provide an installed electrical power of 2MW (upgrade possible up to 4.5MW). The electric line has been designed and is in the process for approval for construction. Investments In Romania – The cost is currently estimated at EUR 550,000. The owners also intend to place a solar power unit with an installed power of 1MW close to the project area.

Heating: Natural gas, as the best recommendable source of heating energy, is not available and the next best choice considering the environment and the resources available in the area is renewable energy of BIOMASS type. Pellets fuel is widely available in Romania (~150EUR/to). Investments In Romania.

Water: a geophysical study has determined groundwater reserves proven by making pumping tests (Q4 2015) in the proposed water wells. The current estimation at a rate of consumption of 1000m3/day for the area: 8-9 years (under assumption that there is no recharge from rain/snow melt). Investments In Romania.

SKI POTENTIAL: We have uncovered a ~50km total slope length potential (best ski resort in Romania, Poiana Brasov currently only has ~20km and limitation to further development). In the first stage we have envisaged 8km of slopes for ~3000 skiers at the same time (running both down towards the national road and up towards the mountain peak 1700m). First phase slopes responsibilities: Investments In Romania – down-slopes (local authorities) and up-slopes (recommendation for development as a private investment together with the access road as strategic project enablers). Investments In Romania – For the development of the entire mountain ski area three local authorities (around the mountain) are now in the process to be brought together to act in the same direction. Investments In Romania.

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FIRST PHASE ingredients:

  • SKI DOMAIN: 8km of slopes with 2 lifts
  • branded UPPER UPSCALE HOTEL (160keys) + CONVENTION CENTER: 19572sqm built (investment budget EUR 21,800,000 including 3ha of land)
  • branded (optional) CLUB HOTEL (350keys) + CONFERENCE
    CENTER: 25258sqm built (investment budget EUR 36,800,000 including 6ha of land)
  • LANDMARK visible from the national road on the valley

Investments In Romania -This mountain region, surrounded by forests, is protected from floods and landslides, as outlined in the geotechnical survey and town-planning certificate, and therefore has no building restrictions.

Investments In Romania – The projected resort will be developed in the mountain region at a height ranging between 1400 and 1509 meters. According to the geotechnical survey, containing information on the geomorphology, geology and hydrology of the Grohotis Mountain Range, geotechnical risk levels of the area are low.

Investments In Romania – Due to the altitude and geographic location of the area, climatic conditions are similar to those found in most Curvature Carpathians. The climate is specific to middle-sized mountains, bearing small differences in the vertical evolution of meteorological parameters.

Investments In Romania – Monthly and yearly temperatures are subject to moderate variations. Throughout the year, at a height of 1400-1500m, negative monthly average temperatures are likely to occur over a time interval of about four months; this time interval may extend to 5 months on high ridges and peaks. In January and February, annual average temperatures drop from 4-6 to -8, -9 degrees Celsius. Monthly average values remain below 10 degrees Celsius over most of this time interval. Daytime temperatures rarely exceed 25 degrees Celsius. Absolute maximum values, frequently recorded in July, vary between 25 and 30 degrees C.

Investments In Romania – Following the signing of a NDFA and of a letter of intent from your part, I can send you more relevant details regarding the winter-summer holiday resort of Romania.

Investments In Romania – The negotiations will be directly between the seller, the buyer and us as an Investment Consultant.

Investments In Romania – For any other details please don’t hesitate to contact me, it will be my pleasure answering you.

Thanks and regards,

Ion Tudor – Investments Consultant

Mobile: +40734.845.159 – Romanian​

Mobile: +4077.202.2352 – English

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