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Minis-Maderat Vineyard

The Miniș-Măderat vineyard is one of the oldest vineyards in Romania. It is located 20 km away from the city of Arad on the sheltered hills of the western edge of the Zarand Mountains and covers an area of ​​2700 ha. It has a length of 50 km and a width between 1 and 4 km.

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The vineyards benefit from a predominantly southern exposure, with the exception of the south-west or south-east. The result is a distinct variety of topoclimatic situations, specific to the vineyards in this area, under the same conditions of latutidine, longitude and cultivated variety. The microclimate with Mediterranean influences brings long, warm and dry autumns to the area.

Climate and soil

The characteristic natural factor is the hilly area, the terminations of the Zarand Hills, with skeletal soils, rich in iron and microelements.

The location of the vineyards on the slopes of the hills ensures not only an excellent exposure, but also an exposure to the incidence of sunlight conducive to the accumulation of sugars and anthocyanins in the grapes intended for red wines.

The valleys that preserve the dew on summer mornings until noon allow the retention of an appropriate acidity in the grapes of white varieties intended for the production of wines raw material for quality sparkling wines and sparkling wines.

The Miniş-Măderat vineyard has, in general, a temperate continental climate with Mediterranean influences, subordinated to the influences specific to the climate of Central Europe.

Some ecological peculiarities of the vineyard are ensured by the natural shelter that the Zarand Mountains make, the south-western exposure, the slope of 15-35% and the edaphic peculiarities.

Winters are generally mild and the shifts to spring and summer are sudden, a situation encountered especially in the last 10-15 years. Average monthly temperatures drop below 0 ° C only in January and February, but not below -2 ° C. At the qualitative accumulations from July-September, the ripening period of the grapes, the average monthly temperature is maintained at an optimal level of over 21 ° C (July-August) and 15.5 ° C in September. The average temperature during the vegetation period is 17.3 ° C.

The predominant soil types in the Miniş-Măderat vineyard are 40% eumezobasic regosol, in association with 40% eubasic lithosol and 20% poorly eroded eumezobasic soil. We also find here eumezobasic brown soil, pseudogleized podzolite brown and chernozems. In the Miniş-Ghioroc area there are typical regosols and typical lithic and brown.

Clay brown, regosolic brown and colluvial soils are rarely found. The steep, terraced slopes for vine cultivation fragment and slow down the force of cold winds and currents. In calm weather, by heating the slopes, a gentle air circulation is ensured, favorable for the development of the physiological processes of the plants and the qualitative accumulations in the grapes.

Slopes prevent stagnation of excess water, facilitating soil heating and preventing the installation of gray grape rot. There are also variations in the total acidity, which is lower on the slopes, due to the decrease in the proportion of malic acid in grapes.

The wines obtained on skeletal, ferruginous soils have a bright red color, with dark ruby ​​reflections and are very generous, expressive.

In the area of ​​the Miniş-Măderat vineyard, the sun shines on average 1,955 hours per year, the minimum limit for vines being 1,300 hours, so the area delimited for D.O.C. Miniş benefits from excellent light resources.

Most precipitations are registered in May, June and July, when they create conditions of phyto-fungal infections (manna, powdery mildew).

Precipitation comes almost entirely from the rains, being frequent winters with positive temperature ranges, some even high for December and January.

Wines obtained

The wines obtained are very extractive, have high acidity, and red wines require a longer period of maturation and aging than in other wine regions in the Romanian area. The most acidic are obtained from Cadarcă, Burgund Mare, but also from Mustoasă de Măderat.

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Location of the viticultural domain: Arad County

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Area of ​​the domain: 230 HA

The 230 hectare vineyard includes ecological vineyard, exploitation roads, return alleys, canals, lakes, urban lands.

The vineyard is completely delimited and is surrounded by 24.5 km.

Area of ​​the vineyard: 143.60 HA; ecological way.

The vineyard was established in 2012 on an area of ​​143.60 HA, in Guyot system and consists of varieties:

• Pinot Noir, cultivated on an area of ​​127.10 HA

• Italian Riesling, cultivated on an area of ​​14.49 HA

• Chardonnay, cultivated on 1.01 HA

• Cadarca, cultivated on 1.00 HA

 Other surfaces:

A. 36.40 HA land in preparation for vineyard with ecological certificate + land construction course

B. The construction land has two destinations, respectively:

• surface of 3.13 HA – buildable land with PUZ for winery construction project, project that is completed until the stage of obtaining the construction permit. The project is designed by Italian architects for winery construction on an area of ​​5000 square meters.

• surface of 0.70 HA – construction course land – farm base with ancillary constructions for viticulture activities and winery station (including offices, workshop, material storage, parking, septic tanks, fuel tank 3000 l, etc).


• Connection to the electricity network, installed power 100 kw, three-phase current;

• Water company connection + drilled well + 4 septic tanks, sewerage;

• Internet, fiber optics, Wi-Fi, camera system;

• Fencing of approximately 230 HA on a length of 24.5 km;

• Three-phase lighting system on a length of 15 km, serving the entire farm;

• 3 lakes (natural and artificial) where three-phase current reaches the perspective of installing the irrigation system;

Investments In Romania


• construction 2015-2016, has a construction permit for Sc = 916 sqm (Su = 821 sqm); currently the construction is completed on an area of ​​450 sqm and the rest of the usable area is being completed so that the production and storage capacity will become double compared to the existing one, approximately 8000 hl.

• equipment for vinification: Gortani thermal insulated stainless steel tanks with nominal capacities of 50/150/300 and 315 hl, connected to the cooling unit (chiller) + tanks of 300l, 500l and 1000l, various pumps for oenological use, filters, agitators and other specific equipment.

• equipment for grape processing: Willmes 80 q pneumatic press with accessories, Bodge compressor, pulp conveyor belt, etc.

DOC Minis area – ecological plantation authorized for the production and processing of grapes for obtaining DOC / DOP Minis wines.

Stocks come

In the winery there is, at this moment, a wine stock of approximately 2000 HL conventional and ecological wine, DOP Minis, respectively Pinot Noir vinified in white and rose, Italian Riesling, blends. Wine stored in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature can be immediately bottled resulting in approximately 300,000 bottles.

Selling price: negotiable seller-buyer.

The value of the investments made (accounting records) is 10,000,000 euros.

There are trademarks registered on a company.

The assets are on another company and can be transferred to the company that owns the brands.

No distribution channels are developed, the wine is in stock.

Depending on the legal method of alienation of assets or assignment of shares and taking into account the fiscal provisions in force, the price may be with / without VAT.

Viewing conditions required by the seller. indisputable: letter of intent and bank credit.

Our services are subject to contractual terms, respectively legal and financial conditions.

Our fee is 3% applied to the contractual value of sale-purchase; depending on the legal provisions in force at the time of sale, our fee may be with / without VAT.

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