Vegetable and Fruit Canning Factory – For Sale

The company specializes in the industrialization, processing, preservation and freezing of fresh fruits and vegetables. The area where it is located has an abundance of Romanian raw materials (fruits and vegetables).

The company has:

  • a total area of 26,000 square meters on which there are production spaces, finished product warehouses, packaging warehouses, thermal plant, mechanical workshop and concrete platforms;
  • Own water source and connection to the municipal network;

  • Electric line and own transformer stations and electric generator;

  • Thermal power plant fed with natural gas production 7.5 to. steam/hour.

  • logistics, marketing and transport department (covering all areas of the country).

The company has two registered brands; is ISO 9001/2015 certified; ISO 22000/2005 and has all the approvals and authorizations necessary to carry out the activity.

The company has been on the market with the two brands for 20 years and distributes its products in the Cash&Carry supermarket and hypermarket network, wholesale networks and various stores.

In 2009, following the modernization and re-technology investment, the production spaces were modernized and equipped with technological lines and equipment according to the standards required on the European market:

  • Rehydrated pea line;
  • Tomato line;
  • Bean pod line;
  • Pepper/cucumber/eggplant line;
  • Thermo-forming line – closure (jam, honey, etc.)
  • Vegetable and fruit freezing/dosing line;
  • Concentration-dosing line for viscous products (paste, broth, etc.)

The company’s portfolio includes an important number of assortments, packed in boxes and jars, in different weights as follows:

  • Rehydrated green peas – 7000 tons/year;
  • Green peas – 1200 tons/year;
  • Pod beans – 1200 tons/year;
  • Preserves in vinegar (cucumbers, doughnuts) – 1000 tons/year;
  • Tomatoes in bullion (cubes) – 1000 tons/year;
  • Broth and tomato paste – 400 tons/year;
  • Vegetable stew and zacusca – 500 tons/year;
  • Vegetables for soups – 500 tons/year;
  • Mushrooms in brine – 500 tons/year;
  • Beans, chickpeas – 200 tons/year
  • Fruit jam – 200 tons/year;
  • Fruit compote – 350 tons/year;
  • Frozen vegetables – 150 tons/year.

The company can also produce other varieties required on the market.

Presentation of production lines

The production activity is divided into the following manufacturing lines:

  1. Peas/beans processing line

– capacity: 6000 boxes/h
– composed of 2 lines – 1 line with the capacity of 6000 boxes/h of 400 g and one line with the capacity of 6000 boxes/h of 800 g.
2. Tomato+fruit line
– vegetables: Washing, sorting, dosing tomatoes, closing jars
– capacity: – 720 g boxes: 6000/h; 400 g jars: 5500/h
3. Vegetable washing/dividing line
– capacity: 3000 jars/h or 2 tons/h
4. Line peas + green beans
– collection, sorting, washing, scalding, product dosing, closing jars
– capacity: 6000 jars/h
5. Concentration/dosing line
– dosage of jam and fruit paste, broth, crushed tomatoes, tomato paste
– packaging: jars 314g, 580g, 720g, bottles 750g, 1l, boxes 400g and 800g, thermoforming boxes 25g/40g for horeca
6. Manual dosing lines – 2 pcs
– cucumbers, donuts, hot peppers, compotes
– packaging: 720 g and 314 g jars and 400 g and 800 g boxes
– capacity: 3000 jars/h
7. Freezing – dosing line
– vegetable/fruit freezing capacity 800 kg/h
8. Labeling/dropping line
– Labeling machine: 7000-8000 jars/h
– Canning machine: 6000 jars/h

At the buyer’s request, a complete presentation of dozens of pages will be made available, in which presentation all existing means of production along the entire technological flow are described.

Sale price: 1,600,000 euros negotiable directly seller-buyer.

For additional details, I am waiting for an e-mail from you.

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