Romania Farmland 980 HA for sale in Romania – Ialomita County

I am selling an agricultural farm with an expansion project for the current silo with 10,000 tons, a combined fodder factory and a sunflower seed peeling factory.

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Location of the agricultural farm: Ialomita County

Agricultural land area: 980 HA

Farm destination: agriculture

Soil quality: chernozion quality I and chernozion quality II

The shape of the agricultural land: flat or slightly in waves

Operating roads: viable, maintained annually

Opening of the agricultural farm: the farm has an opening to the paved road and is located at 500 ml of asphalt road, the agricultural lands are behind the agricultural farm.

Legal status of agricultural land:

880 ha of agricultural land for rent; lease agreements are valid for 10-12 years
100 ha of agricultural land owned with and without land book

The degree of merging as a right to use the agricultural land: 100% / agricultural land, the smallest agricultural land is 24 ha and the largest agricultural land is 640 ha

APIA Grant Value by Products or Product Groups:

– 50,000 euro / year for the marginalized area
– 160,000 euro / year for the protection of the red-necked goose area
– APIA current value

The value of the lease / ha: 1,000 kg of wheat or lei equivalent

Fixed assets: extension of the current silo with a new capacity of 10,000 tons consisting of 5,000 tons of cells and 5,000 tons of sheds: Combined feed mill with a capacity of 1.5 tons / h. Sunflower seed peeling plant with a capacity of 1.2 tons / h. The value of the project is 2.2 million euros. The contract is signed with the bank.

– silos with a capacity of 5000 tons of wheat
– grain stores, 1000 sqm with a capacity of 3000 tons of wheat
– seed processing and storage unit
– laboratory analysis
– machine shop
– urban land agricultural base: 15000 sqm

Agricultural machines for preparing agricultural land, fertilizers, seeds, chemical treatments, etc. Agricultural machines were manufactured in the period 2012-2015, mainly.

Sale price: 2,500,000 € uro, transfer of shares.

This offer does not include stockpiles of raw and auxiliary materials, unfinished production, land prepared for spring crops.

The company is being sold without CREDITS and without DEBITS.

Also, please retain that we have the direct connection with the sellers, and the selling prices that we’ll communicate to you are the sellers’ asked prices. 

The negotiations will be directly between the seller, the buyer and us as an Investments Consultant.  

All Offers : Nonnegotiable Condition *** we provide the potential buyer with information, technical dossier + legal dossier, only on the basis of a letter of intent + bank creditworthiness.

Our fee is 3%, applied to the sale-buy contractual value: according to the legal provisions in force, at the moment of sale, our fee can be calculated with/without VAT.

For any other details please don’t hesitate to contact me, it will be my pleasure answering you.

Thanks and regards.

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