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We have for sale 10 hotels in the tourist resorts – Mamaia, Eforie Nord and Jupiter.

Offer for sale Mamaia Resort, The Hotel 3*

The largest balneo-climateric sea resort of the Romanian coast, Mamaia, with its beach, long for 7 km and wide for 100-200 m, is remarkable for the extremely fine sand. 

The name seems to have been predestined, since Mamaia (in Rom. „Grandmother”) is the oldest resort of the Romanian sea coast. Investments In Romania – Investment In Romania, It was built in 1906, at 5 km north away from Constanta City, on a strip of sand bathed by sea waves, Investment In Romania, to the East, and to the West, bathed by the sweet water of Siutghiol lake. The building of the Casino, of villas and of the summer residence of King Ferdinand after 1916 has enhanced the fast development of the resort. At present, it is one of the most attractive resorts in south-eastern Europe, Investments In Romania – Investment In Romania, successfully competing with the famous beaches of Cannes and Saint Tropez.

Moreover, light and heat lovers will appreciate that, in full season, the resort is bathed by the sun for 10-12 hours a day. Investment In Romania – Due to its excellent situation, the breezes that come both from the sea, and from the lake calm the summer heat.

Investments In Romania – The beach goes smoothly down towards the sea, therefore being very safe.

Advantages of investments in MAMAIA Resort – Investments In Romania – Investment In Romania :

  • Investments following an ascending trend;
  • Tourist and real estate market in development – Investment In Romania;
  • High remand for accommodation spaces;
  • Fast and comfortable access by road, railway, plane, boat;
  • Increased purchase power;
  • Numerous and varied possibilities to spend the free time – Investments In Romania – Investment In Romania;

Possibilities of entertainment and leisure in MAMAIA resort

  • Vacation Village;
  • Aqua Magic;
  • Telegondola;
  • Mamaia Music Festival;
  • Nautical ski, jet ski, yachting;
  • Bowling, sports, football, minigolf fields;
  • Cinema, summer theater, discotheques;

Offer for sale Mamaia Resort, The Hotel 3*

Situated at the center of Mamaia resort, 25 m away from the beach, with total exposure towards the East.        

Hotel’s exterior was renovated in: 2002, 2006, 2010 and 2014, this is the generally accepted norm in international tourism.

Hotel’s interior was renovated in 2015 (see photo) millimeter by millimeter, fully equipped and furnished, everything new, maximum quality.

Conceptually, everything was changed: an educated, young manager was brought in with a new, bold vision; room and lift access cards were introduced; everything from the the rooms, lobbies, bathrooms, balconies, and all the way to the restaurant and the terrace received a new design etc.

Although the hotel can be easily categorized as a 4*+ level hotel, the owner preferred to maintain it at a 3* level, with 5* services and 4* prices; the philosophy behind this is simple: physiologically speaking, the “mass” tourist prefers 3* hotels with a good location and perfect services.

A. Swimming pool area: land area 3091.98 m2; can be decommissioned and on this land I suggest to build a 5 * hotel, including SPA, indoor swimming pool, conference rooms, etc.

A link should be constructed between the two hotels, so both hotels will operate all year, 12/12 months.

  • built area: 80 m2 annexes (bar, rest room, etc.)
  • 70 m2 swimming pool
  • Hotel – land area  6585.21 m2
  • built area 3213 m2
  • developed area 8680.00 m2 (14 levels  x  620 m2 )

Stotal  (Sbuilt + Sdeveloped ) =  11890.00 m2

Hotel (technical semi-basement + GF + 14 floors) has 242 rooms, of which accommodating over 520 guests:

  • the hotel has 167 standard double rooms with sea view
  • the hotel has 56 double VIP rooms with front sea view and premium amenities
  • the hotel has 14 VIP studios (including a sofa bed and premium amenities)
  • the hotel has 2 Master Suites on 14th floor and 3 Family Suites, also on the top floor. All rooms are equipped with queen size bed.

    Convention Center

    The conference center is ideal for corporate events (trainings, seminars, product launches, presentations) as well as for social events. In close connection with the restaurant and the proximity of the beach, team-buildings at Hotel are on top of the list in Mamaia resort.

    With over 350 seats’ capacity, the conference center is divided in five rooms, two of which can be separated by a mobile wall. The 3 large rooms benefit of natural light and exit to the terrace, perfect for a well-deserved outdoor coffee break.

    Facilities: automated air conditioning system, projection screen, video-projector, flipchart and sound system * (* in the 3 large rooms).


    An atypical place, a varied menu, an urban kitchen, and a young team of talented people. Respect generates respect and we turn to our guests with the same passion that we are looking at.

    Applying over 550 guests, the space is generously divided into four areas: interior (160 seats at tables), lounge (40 seats on sofas and tables), terrace 340 seats and terrace-bar 40 seats.

    The playground attached to the terrace is perfect for enjoying a relaxing dinner while kids have fun at leisure.

Investments In Romania | Property For Sale In Romania | Hotels Investment In Romania | Property For Development In Romania | Investment Property In Romania |

The hotel is provided with:

  • natural gas supply
  • own heating power station
  • own mechanical laundry for hotel and restaurant
  • refrigerating machines (freezing room = 1 pcs / 15 m3 + 3 refrigerating rooms = 40 m3 )
  • own source of still water (drilled well at the depth of 168 m – operational – it provides approximately 85% of the necessary quantity of water)
  • anti-fire surveillance system in every hotel room, with localized notification of fire
  • video surveillance system with storage of images for 30 days
  • the water supply, sewage and electrical power supply plants have been changed completely
  • foreign exchange area
  • hairdresser – 16 m2
  • hair styling, massage, etc. – 32 m2
  • bar in the hotel reception
  • all rooms are equipped with air conditioning devices (which may also provide heat)
  • common areas (reception desk, bar, offices, restaurant, breakfast lounge) are equipped with air conditioning devices
  • all rooms have minibar, TV with 50 channels, hair dryer
  • lease contracts signed with 2 telecommunication enterprises for telephone aerials, placed on the terrace of the 15th floor.

Investments In Romania | Property For Sale In Romania | Hotels Investment In Romania | Property For Development In Romania | Investment Property In Romania |

Hotel’s located right in the middle of the pedestrian promenade area and only a few steps away from the seashore; it also has access to its own private beach.

For any other details please don’t hesitate to contact me, it will be my pleasure answering you.

Thanks and regards,

Investments In Romania | Property For Sale In Romania | Hotels Investment In Romania | Property For Development In Romania | Investment Property In Romania |

Ion Tudor – Investments Consultant

Mobile: +40734.845.159

Hotels Investment In Romania | Property For Development In Romania | Investment Property In Romania |Property For Sale In Romania |

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