Offer for Sale Agrozootechnical Farm

Agricultural farm working 1900 ha of agricultural land; 200 ha of agricultural land in property, 1700 ha of agricultural land for rent; cattle farm for meat 500 heads Angus.

Location: Arges county, 110 km away from Bucharest.

Agricultural land area: 1900 HA

Legal situation: 200 hectares of agricultural land in property, 1700 hectares of agricultural land for rent.

The value of the lease: 600 km wheat / ha

There is the possibility to rent agricultural lands and to buy agricultural lands in property.

In the area there is a non-functional irrigation system with supply directly from the supply channel; the surface of 690 ha of agricultural land could be irrigated.

The storage capacity is 10,000 tons of grain in the ground warehouses.

The capacity of the stables for animals is 600 heads.

Now there are 500 Aberdeen Angus heads on the farm.

The entire herd of animals is registered in the Genealogical Register and holds Pedigree and Certificates of Origin.

Current utilities: drinking water from a deep well, electricity, after transformer, electricity generator.

There is an agrochemical study for the agricultural land.

The farm has an agricultural base and has the entire range of equipment for carrying out all agricultural works.

Sale price: 5.500.000 euro

Our services are subject to contractual terms, respectively legal and financial conditions.

Our fee is 3% applied to the contractual value of sale-purchase; depending on the legal provisions in force at the time of sale, our fee may be with / without VAT.

For any details I am waiting for an email, it will be my pleasure to answer you.

Ion Tudor – Investments Consultant

Mobile: +40 734.845.159

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