Farm For Sale Romania – 1100 HA – Investments Romania

In the same agricultural area we have for sale two farms that work an area of agricultural land of 2900 hectares.

Area description and potential – Legal statutes of freehold property and leasehold agricultural land 

This is a turnkey business; you can start the activity immediately; the shares are being conceded. 

General informations : Possible irrigation system. 1100 hectares of good quality farmland out of wich 400 hectares freehold; the rest long-term leasehold and being worked on with the definite possibility of being acquired. 

Location: Constanta County; the  land  is 50  km from  the Constanta Port.

We have the complete file – APIA maps, APIA summary, company financial and legal file.

The company has no bank loans and debts to budget creditors and registers an annual profit of 500,000 – 550,000 euros.

Assignment price of shares: 4,700,000 euros, highly negotiable.

This offer does not include stockpiles of raw and auxiliary materials, unfinished production, land prepared for spring crops.

Land forms: flat land and slightly wavy.

Soil quality: 1st, 2st and 3nd soil category  chernozem.

Internal Viability: optimal (fully restored and maintained roads, annually).

Destination: agriculture, ecological agriculture, livestock farms, logistic centre.

Opening: internal exploitations roads and to the county road right now according to the chart.

Legal degree of merging of agricultural land : 90%

Degree of merger as right of use: 100% / location; within a radius of 10 km agricultural; the surfaces are located within three neighboring localities.

The surface of the agricultural plots : 3 x 0,5 ha; 28 ha; 30 ha; 34 ha; 40 ha; 45 ha; 52 ha; 68 ha; 73 ha; 75 ha; 89,5 ha; 100 ha; 105 ha; 108 ha; 115 ha; 136 ha.

There is an irrigation system but it is not functional. It can be rebuilt through European funding provided in the field.


Urban land: 18800 mp.  Concrete platforms 2800 sqm.

Mechanical workshop with locker rooms, laundry, storage.

Cereal warehouse with a capacity of 150 tons equipped with installation for selecting and treating seeds with the possibility of bagging in normal or big raffia bags.

60 ton electronic scale with ticket and electronic analysis.

Five silo cells of 300 tons each, above ground with electric discharge.

Grain storage of 800 tons and another of 300 tons.

Well drilled at 140 m with a flow rate of 20 l / s.

Six-room security guard service home.

The farm is monitored with video cameras and alarm systems.

Agricultural machinery, machines, mechanisms, agricultural installations, etc.

Average number of employees – 6.

Also, please retain that we have the direct connection with the sellers, and the selling prices that we’ll communicate to you are the sellers’ asked prices.

The negotiations will be directly between the seller, the buyer and us as an Investments Consultant.

All Offers : Nonnegotiable Condition *** we provide the potential buyer with information, technical dossier + legal dossier, only on the basis of a letter of intent + bank creditworthiness.

Our fee is negotiable, applied to the sale-buy contractual value: according to the legal provisions in force, at the moment of sale, our fee can be calculated with/without VAT.

For any other details please don’t hesitate to contact me, it will be my pleasure answering you.

Thanks and regards,

Ion Tudor – Investments Consultant

Mobile: +40 734.845.159

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