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Farms Romania – I am selling an agricultural farm in Constanta county, 2900 hectares of agricultural land.

Area description and potential – Legal statutes of freehold property and leasehold agricultural land 

This is a turnkey business; you can start the activity immediately; the shares are being conceded. 

There are two legally distinct businesses but with agricultural land that works on the same localities. You can buy the whole business or each business separately.

Business 1

Turnkey agricultural farm (agricultural base, equipment for carrying out all agricultural works, various spaces for storing cereals). 400 hectares of agricultural land owned and 700 hectares of leased agricultural land.

Sale price: 4,600,000 euros, negotiable.

Business 2

600 hectares of agricultural land owned and 1200 hectares of agricultural land leased. Without agricultural base and agricultural equipment. Selling price: – 8000 euro / hectare agricultural land owned – 700 euro / hectare agricultural land for rent

Location: Constanta County; the  land  is 60  km from  the Constanta Port.                                    

Total Surface: 2900 hectares of good qality farmland. 

Judicial situation : 2900 hectares of good quality farmland out of wich 1000 hectares freehold; the rest long-term leasehold and being worked on with the defnite possibility of being acquired.

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Land forms: flat or slightly undulating terrain.

Soil quality: 1st, 2st and 3nd soil category  chernozem.

Internal Viability: optimal (fully restored and maintained roads, annually).

Destination: agriculture, ecological agriculture, logistic centre. You can also buy a space for storing cereals – 20,000 tons.

Opening: internal exploitations roads and to the county road right now according to the chart.

Degree of aggregation: according to the map; 100 % consolidation degree on each parcel (the right to use), within a radius of 30 km agricultural around the agricultural base according to the APIA map..

Main assets – information by email at customer request.

Typical crops: wheat, barley, rapeseed, sunflower (incl high oleic), maize.

The agricultural land is worked according to the latest technologies in the field of agriculture.

The company is profitable and is eligible to access European funds for business development.

The Seller is willing to assist the Buyer in taking over the management of the business for a reasonable period of time necessary for the transfer of the business in optimal conditions.

The company has no historical debts and the current ones will be paid by the seller during the transaction.

Depending on the legal method of alienation of assets or assignment of shares and taking into account the fiscal provisions in force, the price may be with / without VAT.

This offer does not include stockpiles of raw and auxiliary materials, unfinished production, land prepared for spring crops.

The company is being sold without CREDITS and without DEBITS.

Farms For Sale In Romania | Agricultural Land For Sale In Romania | Land For Sale In Romania | Farm For Sale Romania | Farms For Sale Romania | Investment In Romania |

Also, please retain that we have the direct connection with the sellers, and the selling prices that we’ll communicate to you are the sellers’ asked prices.

The negotiations will be directly between the seller, the buyer and us as an Investments Consultant.

All Offers : Nonnegotiable Condition *** we provide the potential buyer with information, technical dossier + legal dossier, only on the basis of a letter of intent + bank creditworthiness.

Our fee is negotiable, applied to the sale-buy contractual value: according to the legal provisions in force, at the moment of sale, our fee can be calculated with/without VAT.

For any other details please don’t hesitate to contact me, it will be my pleasure answering you.

Thanks and regards,

Ion Tudor – Investments Consultant

Mobile: +40 734.845.159

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