Investments In Romania – Farm 364 HA – Edible Oil Plant

Excellent strategic position – Investment ideas in Romania – Agriculture in Romania – Edible Oil Plant – Farmland for sale Romania.

Locatia : Arad County

This is a turnkey business; you can start the activity immediately; the shares are being conceded.

Strategic location: close to the border, close to the highway, close to the railway; the land is 20 km from the Arad airport; the land is 20 km from the border with Hungary; in the immediate vicinity of DN 7; possibility of connection to the railway at a distance of 250m.

Real estate assets in property

– 3470 sqm land with buildings
– 3100 sqm land with buildings
– land 520 sqm
– arable land 19.32 ha

Other assets, fixed assets and current assets – at the request of the buyer; I’m in the mail attachment.

Surface agricultural land: 326 ha agricultural land for rent and 25 ha agricultural land for property.

Property’s future expansion potential to 2000 hectares.

Land forms: flat land and slightly wavy.

Soil Quality : 1st , 2nd and 3nd chernozem.

Destination: agriculture, ecological agriculture, logistic centre, industry.

The price of the lease / ha within the business is 1500 kg cereals / ha.

Typical crops: rape, barley, wheat, sunflower (incl high oleic), maize, corn.

Silos + Edible Oil Plant


Vertical silos 4 pcs * 2000 to / pcs used for grain storage

The silos are fully equipped with dryer, precursor, selector and aeration system for cereals

Deposit income (wheat):

– cereal reception 8 lei / to
– grain storage 8 lei / to / month
– cereal delivery 8 lei / to

Storage expenses:

– reception + delivery + storage (current, personnel, parts, fuel, various) = 7 lei / to

Storage profit: 8 * 3-7 = 17 lei / to

1.1. Storage in a year 8000 to * 3 rolls (inputs / outputs) = 24,000 to

Income: 24,000 to * 24 lei / to = 576,000 lei / 4.6 lei / eur = 125,000 euros
Expenses: 24,000 to * 7 lei / to = 168,000 lei / 4.6 lei / eur = 36,500 euros

Profit: 88,500 euros

1.2. Drying (silos are equipped with complete grain drying plant):

Grain drying revenues:

  • price 13 lei / to / percent, if it dries on average 3 percent = 13 * 3 = 39 lei / to
    39 lei / 4.6 lei.eur = 8.48 eur / to

Cereal drying expenses:

  • price 27 lei / to / 3procents (gas, electricity, personnel, fuel, parts, various)
    27 lei / 4.6 lei / eur = 5.86 eur / to

If drying 8000 to / year:

– Revenue: 8000 to * 8.48 eur / to = 68,000 eur
– Expenses: 8000 to * 5.86 eur / to = 47,000 eur
– Profit: 68,000-47,000 = 21,000 euros

1.3. Sale and purchase of cereals:

Due to the large areas of land cultivated in the area there is the possibility of cereals trade. If in a year only 8000 to trade at a minimum profit of 30 lei / to (6.52 eur / to) profit PROFIT 52,000 euros / year is realized.

1.4. If there is only trade with cereals (the deposit is waived for third parties) you can obtain PROFIT 52,000 eur * 3 rolls / year = 156,000 eur.

1.5. Opportunity: There is the space needed to build 4 more siloes * 2000 each with separate reception area.

  1. Weighing services: scales approved up to 80 tonnes

Income: 25 lei / climb per scale / 4.6 lei / eur = 5.43 eur / weighing

Minimum expenses (maintenance, approval, personnel): 2 lei / 4.6 lei / eur = 0.43 eur / weighing

Profit: 5.43-0.43 = 5 eur / scales

If we put a minimum average of 100 lei / day (4 scales / day) and an average of 300 days / year we get:

Profit: 5 euros * 4 scales * 300 days = 6000 euros / year

Note: Additional gains are made from the equalization of trucks.

  1. Production building + edible oil plant

The oil factory has the capacity of 3000 liters of pressed-bottled / day oil. From 3 kg of sunflower results about 1 liter of oil and 2 kg of fodder product of sunflower (residues of oilseeds remaining after the extraction of the oil used as natural fertilizer or animal feed).

The factory is built on a surface of 600 sqm equipped with food stainless steel machinery, containers and pipes, structured as follows: peeling area, pressing room, “srot” warehouse, filtering-winterization room, stability room, warehouse consumables, blowing room PET bottles, bottling-labeling-low room, storage room, laboratory analysis, changing rooms for women and men, repair shop and office. Heating is on gas. The factory has all the necessary authorizations for oil production, we place great emphasis on quality assurance through the implementation of HACCP and ISO. The process of making the oil is completely fulfilled from the reception of the raw material to the sale to the final consumer.

Our oil is present in the market in approximately 300 stores in Arad, Timis, Bihor, Harghita, Covasna, Mures, Caras Severin counties.

Following the calculations made, if the sunflower is pressed to its maximum capacity, profit is also obtained from the scrot is sold at a price of 1 leu / kg.

In one day, approx. 6000 kg srot * 1 lei = 6000 lei / 4.6 lei / eur = 1300 eur / day

Profit / year (300 days) = 1300 * 300 = 390,000 euros

Opportunities: Double the production capacity with minimum investment:

– Bottling for others
– Laboratory equipment for analyzing the existing oil.

  • Silos for storage of oleaginous seeds 4 x 2000 tones
  • Weighing’s building
  • Seeds reception pit
  • Metallic structure over cereals reception zone
  • Cereals Pre-cleaner
  • Silo for cereals presorting
  • Fire pumping station
  • Fire water underground tank 162 cm
  • Underground tank for industrial waters 30 cm
  • Waste waters underground tank 30 cm
  • Rain waters open tank 100 cm
  • LPG storage with 3 tanks of 5000 liters each
  • Roads, technological platforms, parking places
  • Household platform
  • Green spaces
  • Drinking water drilled pit 120 meters deep
  1. Agriculture

The average profit / ha / year is about 350 euros / ha.

  • 326 ha in leasing, contracts with clause of first buyer in case of partial or whole sale.
  • 25 ha property
  • Agricultural equipment + annexes with capacity for working 600 ha.
  • 3800 square meters area with concrete platform and a flat storage facility of cereals 1080 square meters with maintenance room.
  • Subsidies for 351 ha
  • Most productive lands from Central Europe

Currently we cultivate about 350 hectares of agricultural land. The average profit / ha / year is about 350 eur / ha.

4.1. Profit 1: 350 ha * 350 eur / ha = 122500 eur / year – from cultivation of agricultural land

4.2. Profit 2: APIA subsidies (surface and diesel) approx. 200 eur / ha * 350ha = 70,000 eur / year

4.3. The machines owned are sufficient for the work of approximately 600 ha / year, which is why profit can be made from the provision of services: plowing, herbicide, discussed, sowing, harvesting.

Agricultural production 2017-2018

barley 41 ha-4800 kg / ha

wheat 58 ha-6600 kg / ha

rape 58 ha-4100 kg / ha

corn 164 ha-11200 kg / ha

sunflower – 29 ha – 3100 kg / ha

Agricultural production 2016-2017

barley 24 ha-4300 kg / ha

wheat 47 ha-5000 kg / ha

rape 30 ha-3300 kg / ha

sunflower 58 ha – 2700 kg / ha

corn 191ha -7000 kg / ha

Agricultural production 2015-2016

rape 12 ha-3600 kg / ha

barley 50 ha- 4700 kg / ha

wheat 60 ha-6100 kg / ha

sunflower 60 ha-3000 kg / ha

maize 168 ha- 10500 kg / ha



– Establishment of a FNC – processing of cereals in order to obtain animal feed. The advantages of this FNC are: we produce cereals, we produce “srot”, we own land with existing building where the technological flow can take place: cereal processing, storage of combined feeds, preparation for sale, packing, commercialization.

– Leasing and buying agricultural land in the area, taking over / buying companies in the area.


– Construction in the same enclosure of four more grain storage silo with separate reception area. The considerable advantages are: existing infrastructure, existing electricity supply, concrete roads, PSI system, existing electronic scales, etc.

– Possibility of connection to the railway at a distance of 250m.

Oil factory

– Other types of oilseeds can be pressed in the factory: rapeseed, pumpkin, mustard, sesame, hot pepper etc.

–  Doubling the oil production capacity at minimum costs.

–  Bottling services for third parties, we have tanks for the storage of bulk oil 75 tons.

– Pelletization of seeds shells for heating.


Exploitation of water from well drilled at 120m, water analyzed microbiologically without nitrites and nitrates with good Ph, can be bottled and marketed. We have the necessary space for the bottling activity.

– Soybean extrusion, we have the necessary space for storage and processing.

– BIO storage and processing authorizations can be obtained.

– Blowing PET bottles for third parties.

Average number of employees: 13 people.


– the year 2019- 4,589,000 lei
– the year 2018- 4,267,000 lei
– the year 2017- 3,926,000 lei

Net income

– the year 2019: 408,000 lei
– the year 2018-383,000 lei
– the year 2017- 356,000 lei

Debts: bank loans – 3,476,000 lei

There are several variants for sale

  1. From the advance received the seller pays the bank loan and the business is sold free of bank loans.
  2. The buyer takes over the bank loans and thus continues the new owner with the payment of the rates.

1) Sale price: 2,950,000 euros for Silos with factory + annexes + turnkey agriculture with all authorizations up to date. 

If the buyer wants to pay in installments, it can. 

The first tranche 1,000,000 euros and the difference in two years. 

2) If the buyer does not want the agricultural part, then buy only the siloes with the oil factory on a plot of 11,137 square meters. 

Sale price: 2,250,000 euros, negotiable. 

The company is being sold without CREDITS and without DEBITS.

This offer does not include stockpiles of raw and auxiliary materials, unfinished production, land prepared for spring crops.

Also, please retain that we have the direct connection with the sellers, and the selling prices that we’ll communicate to you are the sellers’ asked prices.

The negotiations will be directly between the seller, the buyer and us as an Investments Consultant.

All Offers : Nonnegotiable Condition *** we provide the potential buyer with information, technical dossier + legal dossier, only on the basis of a letter of intent + bank creditworthiness.

Our fee is 3%, applied to the sale-buy contractual value: according to the legal provisions in force, at the moment of sale, our fee can be calculated with/without VAT.

For any other details please don’t hesitate to contact me, it will be my pleasure answering you.

Thanks and regards,

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Ion Tudor – Investments Consultant

Mobile: +40 734.845.159

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