Romania Vine Farm For Sale 80 HA | Farmland For Sale In Romania | 820 HA

Farmland Romania-Romanian Farmland For Sale-Farm Property For Sale In Romania-Romania Vine Farm For Sale-Grapevine For Sale In Romania.

This is a turnkey business; you can start the activity immediately; the shares are being conceded. Agricultural Land For Sale In Romania – Farms For Sale Romania.

Area description – Legal statutes of freehold 

Location: Banat Country; Timis County; Farms For Sale Romania – The land is 90 km from the Timisoara airport.

Surface: 910,18 hectares of owned land; certified organic farm.

  1. agricultural farm with agricultural lands with a surface of 790 hectares;
  2. farm with vineyard lands with a surface of 80,47 hectares – Agricultural Land For Sale In Romania – Farms For Sale Romania;
  3. 32,71 hectares of other land;
  4. land for building 3000 sqm; Farms For Sale Romania – 6200 sqm; 9000 sqm; 7600 sqm;

Land forms: flat land and slightly wavy.

Agricultural Land For Sale In Romania – Soil Quality : 1st, and 2nd, and 3nd chernozem.

Destination: agriculture, ecological agriculture, logistic centre.

Opening: Other paved roads (communal), internal exploitations roads.

Degree of aggregation: 100 %; Agricultural Land For Sale In Romania -Farms For Sale Romania; General view on Google Earth if possible (see the map attached “general map”).

Internal Viability: Farms For Sale Romania – optimal (fully restored and maintained roads, annually).

Judicial situation: Land Books; clear judicial situation – property owned by legal entities.

Price for sale : 10,000,000 €uro for the entire property package (the floor of the assets‘ market value and the capitalized earnings value). Agricultural Land For Sale In Romania – Farms For Sale Romania.

The last field crop (leased agricultural land) belongs to the lessee. The last culture of vine is considered plus value at sale (together with the stock of products that is in the company at the cession time, the client data sheet and the un-cashed APIA).

Grant Value APIA 2020 on products or groups of products:

Classical grant                                176 €/hectares
Marginalized area grant 25 – 52 €/hectares
Arable BIO 220 hectares
Vineyard BIO 450 €/hectares
Cover crops winter 130 € / ha


Cover crops winter:  A “crop” has to be sown over the winter for the land to be covered (erosion). Agricultural Land For Sale In Romania – Farms For Sale Romania – In March the crop has to be turned / buried. It can be used: mustard, rape, vetch and others. In 2017 the 5 years commitment expires. Farms For Sale Romania – If there’s the wish, another commitment for another five years can be done.

Assets, fixed assets 

  • cars and agricultural machinery, cars and vineyard machinery;
  • administrative building; Agricultural Land For Sale In Romania – Farms For Sale Romania;
  • photovoltaic panels 60 kWp;
  • 6 metallic silos with a capacity of 520 tons wheat / each; Farms For Sale Romania – 3 built in 2003 and 3 in 2006;
  • Agricultural Land For Sale In Romania – Seed selection and treatment facility with high capacity;
  • A group of houses named “Visoca Picket”, with a built area of 700 sqm and 9,000 sqm land, Agricultural Land For Sale In Romania – Farms For Sale Romania, located at the eastern extremity of the farm, with its own electric line until there;
  • Cellar: 1000 sqm hall area on a 7,600 sqm building land; Farms For Sale Romania;
  • Land for building with an area of 6,200 sqm;
  • Bakery with a production of up to 700 kg / day;
  • Hall with mill of 200 sqm;
  • A roller mill, capacity of 350 kg/h, Agricultural Land For Sale In Romania – Farms For Sale Romania, and a stone mill with a capacity of 150 kg/h;
  • Various appendices;
  • A group of houses named “Carnecea Picket”, with a built area of 200 sqm and 6,000 sqm land, located at the western extremity of the farm, with its own electric line until there;

– two-storey administrative building, located in the village center;

– prefabricated hall with bridge crane;

– mechanical repair workshop;

– spare parts warehouse;

– 3,000 sqm land;

Agricultural Farm Description 

Besides the 80 hectares of organic certified vineyards, the company has another 790 hectares of land for agriculture, Agricultural Land For Sale In Romania – Farms For Sale Romania, BIO certified, EU-BIO from 1999 and BIO SUISSE from 2005, planted with cereals and oilseeds – Farms For Sale Romania – a part of the cereals turns into Bio wheat flour, spelt, rye, durum  with a roller mill, with a small capacity, but also BIO corn (maize flour), buckwheat flour and others, milled at a small stone mill. The selection of bio wines, flour, bread and other bio certified bakery products  is based on a carefully monitored process, Agricultural Land For Sale In Romania – Farms For Sale Romania, based on organic crops in areas that do not use herbicides and pesticides, and is sold under its own brand. The result is a range of 100% natural products, which keeps the authentic taste – Farms For Sale Romania – of the traditional foods and is very appreciated on the internal and foreign markets.

Agricultural Land For Sale In Romania – We are planting the following varieties of crops, rotating them each year (approximate areas):

– wheat 150 ha;

– rye 50 ha, Agricultural Land For Sale In Romania -Farms For Sale Romania;

– spelt 50 ha;

– durum 50 ha; Farms For Sale Romania;  

– barley 100 ha;

– sunflower 150 ha;

– corn 60 ha;

– sorghum 20 ha; Agricultural Land For Sale In Romania – Farms For Sale Romania;

– alfalfa 40 ha;

– millet, buckwheat and others;

– green crops for rest and biodiversity;

Farm Winery Description 

The 80 hectares of grapevine, out of which 56 hectares in 2008 and another 24 hectares in 2009.

This is an ongoing effort as the grapevine is organically grown and this requires more attention, care and swiftness in interventions and while working.

The wine cellar was built in a modern fashion, as we chose to have a total control over health quality of the work environment which in turn will have a positive effect on the finished product and its aging,

Both winemaking equipment and wine tanks are brand new, the latest, made of stainless steel for food processing, of certified Italian and EU origin. All tank related installations are fully automated and electronically controlled. Winery building of 1000 m2 and capacity of 240’000 litres of storage (actual).

We produce the following Bio wines : 

Merlot  * Pinot Noir * Cabernet Sauvignon * FeteascaNeagra *Riesling * Sauvignon Blanc * Pinot Gris * Muscat Ottonel *Rosé in 0,75 and 0,375 liter bottle and in 3 and 5 liters bag in box. The maximum production of the vineyard is of 350’000 liters,co nsidering a production of just 6 tons/ha of grapes (to have quality).

We are proud that our wine cellar is the only modern one on a radius of about 60 km and the bio certified wine is among the first ones on the local market.

On the roof of the hall (cellar) are installed photovoltaic panels for a total output of 60 kWp. 

Merlot, a delicate exquisite wine, a wine with fruitiness. This wine is soft, with colored intensity and with a somewhat less acidity than Cabernet Sauvignon. The color is a deep red to ruby, slightly transparent. Nose feels, at a time: fresh strawberry jam, pepper, a little alcohol, vanilla, prunes and berries, out of which stand out ripe blueberries. Inside the mouth the attack is sweet-sour, but the acidity immediately takes control giving freshness to the wine.

Pinot Noir is a shifting grape. When young, it comes with simple features like cherries, plums and strawberries (red ripe fruits). As it matures, its features become more complex, including raisins, hay, tobacco, leather, mushrooms or black pepper. Color is a pleasant and transparent brownish-red.

Makes an ideal pair with lamb meat (either roasted or boiled), duck meat, pheasant meat and also with Italian pasta

The Italian Riesling is remarkably supple, fresh, fruity with a harmonious composition and a good balance between components. Young Riesling wines are often characterized by flavors of green apples, grapefruit, peach, honey, fresh cut grass sprightly blended with its rather high acidity, giving it personality. Best served with white meat and fish, but it is an excellent aperitif also.

Cabernet Sauvignon is the ideal type of wine when it comes to qualities improvement, preferably after 5 – 10 years. As time goes by, its distinct flavor of black raisins may develop a bouquet with nuances of cedar, violets, leather or baccy and the strong tannin flavor will soften considerably.

Generally is best served with steak or red meat, red grill or cheese with strong flavor.

Sauvignon Blanc is a wine with a canary-yellow color and bright green reflections. It has a rather intense flavor, resembling jasmine or grapevine flowers. The taste is fruity, full of freshness, veiled in a bouquet that’s making it tempting and pleasant.

Pinot Gris is a type of grapevine producing white wines of a superior quality, with French origin,

considered a bud variation of Pinot Noir. Has been introduced in Romania during the post-phylloxera age. 

Rose wines are, mainly, summer wines, very fresh, having a mild flavor when compared with white and red wine. The bouquet comes from the white wine. They are a blend between Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir.

Capitalized Earnings Value 

The capitalized earnings value even under a conservative scenario is substantially higher than the market value we have attributed. Thus, a potential purchaser can realize a fundamental profit from the farm (future price increases not taken into account). 

Also, please retain that we have the direct connection with the sellers, and the selling prices that we’ll communicate to you are the sellers’ asked prices. 

The negotiations will be directly between the seller, the buyer and us as an Investment Consultant.

All Offers : Nonnegotiable Condition *** we provide the potential buyer with information, technical dossier + legal dossier, only on the basis of a letter of intent + bank creditworthiness.

Our fee is negotiable, applied to the sale-buy contractual value: according to the legal provisions in force, at the moment of sale, our fee can be calculated with/without VAT.

For any other details please don’t hesitate to contact me, it will be my pleasure answering you.

Thanks and regards,

Ion Tudor – Investments Consultant

Mobile: +40 734.845.159

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