Investments In Romania – Farm 364 HA – Edible Oil Plant

Excellent strategic position – Investment ideas in Romania – Agriculture in Romania – Edible Oil Plant – Farmland for sale Romania.

Investments In Romania

Farmland for sale Romania

Locatia : Arad County

Silos + Edible Oil Plant

  • Production building + edible oil plant
  • Silos for storage of oleaginous seeds 4 x 2000 tones
  • Weighing’s building
  • Seeds reception pit
  • Metallic structure over cereals reception zone
  • Cereals Pre-cleaner
  • Silo for cereals presorting
  • Fire pumping station
  • Fire water underground tank 162 cm
  • Underground tank for industrial waters 30 cm
  • Waste waters underground tank 30 cm
  • Rain waters open tank 100 cm
  • LPG storage with 3 tanks of 5000 liters each
  • Roads, technological platforms, parking places
  • Household platform
  • Green spaces
  • Drinking water drilled pit 120 meters deep


Romania farms vegetable for sale

Romania vegetable land for sale

  • 350 ha in leasing, contracts with clause of first buyer in case of partial or whole sale.
  • 14 ha property
  • Agricultural equipment + annexes with capacity for working 600 ha.
  • 3800 square meters area with concrete platform and a flat storage facility of cereals 1080 square meters with maintenance room.
  • Subsidies for 350 ha
  • Most productive lands from Central Europe


  • Space for construction of 4 added silos with 2500 tones capacity each+ separate zone for reception
  • Water processing from drilled pit at 120 meters.
  • Possibility to buy lands (arable and neighborhood buildings )
  • Possibility to introduce NG on the E-ON gas pipe.
  • Connection possibility to railway
  • Incomes from various services (loading – unloading cereals, other materials, trucks weighing etc).
  • Excellent strategic position

Sale price: 3.750.000 euro, negotiable.

Also, please retain that we have the direct connection with the sellers, and the selling prices that we’ll communicate to you are the sellers’ asked prices.

The negotiations will be directly between the seller, the buyer and us as an Investment Consultant.

All Offers : Nonnegotiable Condition *** we provide the potential buyer with information, technical dossier + legal dossier, only on the basis of a letter of intent + bank creditworthiness.

Our fee is 3%, applied to the sale-buy contractual value: according to the legal provisions in force, at the moment of sale, our fee can be calculated with/without VAT.

For any other details please don’t hesitate to contact me, it will be my pleasure answering you.

Thanks and regards,

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Ion Tudor – Investments Consultant

Mobile: +40 734.845.159

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